Multimedia Information Systems


Spatial internet search engine SARA

The research group’s main technology project is the spatial internet search engine SARA. Compared to existing search engines, SARA supports additional spatial criteria when searching news. Thus, search queries can be restricted to pre-specified regions without indicating a specific name which is probably not mentioned in the relevant documents. For example, if a user enters ‘Japan’ as name for the region instead of ‘Fukushima’, a document containing the terms ‘Fukushima’ and ‘Nuclear Disaster’ would not be found in a conventional search engine.

This search engine investigates procedures for administrating and processing relational, textual and geographic data. Besides reliability and accuracy of the developed methods, efficiency also plays an important role to manage huge data amounts in this application context. In future such huge data amounts will not only occur in big companies, but also in medium-sized ones which administrate most of their data, as far as this is possible, in IT supported information systems.

iisys on Xing

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