iisys is a member of OSII and OSBA

iisys is a member of OSII and OSBA

The research group System Integration works on possibilities to link information systems technically and to relate the contents of the different systems to one another.

Integration considers the following aspects:

  • Single Sign-On and Identity Management:
    Users should have personalized access to all information systems when they access the intranet or start working on their PC.
  • Reuse of technical infrastructure:
    From the viewpoint of administrators, all information systems should be built on the same components or reuse existing components.
  • Integrated search:
    Involvement of data/contents of all information systems in company-wide search as well as useful visualization of results including metadata.
  • Uniform interface:
    All information systems should have a similar Look & Feel (corporate identity) and follow a similar operating logic.
  • Functional integration:
    Existing functionalities are reused and not duplicated in other systems. If possible, new services can be achieved by a dynamic combination of basic services (mash ups, business process management).
  • Content (semantic) integration:
    Contents are interconnected with one another. For example, you get the profile of the author by clicking on the document and from there you can access the department’s homepage as well as products, customers, branches and similar business entities.
  • Desktop integration:
    Where appropriate, it is intended to activate the functionalities of the server software directly from the typical client office software.
Open Identity Summit 2013

Enterprise Knowledge Infrastructures

‘Enterprise Knowledge Infrastructures’ (EKI) is the headword for the examination of a company’s typical network of information systems, starting from document management, content management to groupware and portals. As it has been common with ERP systems for many years now, this network creates an integrated landscape.

Open Source EKI examines how such an integrated IT landscape can be created on the basis of open source products.

Unified Information Access

‘Unified Information Access’ examines how, in particular, structured data of databases and business intelligence applications can be linked with unstructured data of documents and knowledge management systems.

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