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The following projects are currently active:

Your Way to the Cloud (07/2012-06/2014)

This project is inspecting the topic cloud computing in several steps, teaching the concepts and establishing a knowledge network around it. An information portal provides guides and best practice recommendations. Those central information can be commented, rated and extended by every participant. In this way, a virtual community arises, who can be used to exchange experiences in the cloud area between small and medium businesses. Besides single information units, we also provide virtual courses, that teach knowledge about cloud services to participants with didactical and multimedial learning units. We distinguish between learning units for potential users of cloud services and those for software manufacturers who aim at providing their own software as cloud service. Finally, we provide several cloud services based on open source software in a demo environment, in order to allow participants to verify their new knowledge in near- real world environments. We provide a demo scenario typical for smbs so that participants can easily translate the demo scenario to their own situation.

The following projects are currently in planning and application phase:

Enterprise Social Collaborative Processes

Document-centric workflows and business process management on the one hand and social collaboration using communication tools and social networks on the other hand seem to be mutual exclusive strategies for enterprises at first glance. In practice, however, there is a demand for both types of collaboration, depending on the current context. More structured processes with formal documents based on corporate templates and rules as well as semi-structured ad-hoc collaboration with various communication artefacts are needed. At closer inspection activity streams and workflow events have a lot in common and a close integration of social software, business process management, enterprise content management and communication tools would be beneficial for end users. This R&D project aims at creating an integrated IT platform for supporting collaborative processes of both types based on open source software. The iisys provides expertise in knowledge management, systems integration and Web architecture and open source systems and is looking for industrial partners to accomplish the goal.

German Educational Cloud

The Open Source Business Alliance (OSBA) working group education is planning a cloud offering for German schools of all types to manage educational learning resources, allow content providers to offer their materials and help content creators like teachers to transform their didactic knowledge into high quality e-learning resources. The iisys, as part of the OSBA, is providing knowledge in cloud infrastructure and Web architecture as well as e-learning and knowledge management and is looking for R&D partners to make this vision come true. We aim at providing an infrastructure that is largely based on open source components, complies to open standards and ensures appropriate compensation for content creators upon use of their copyrighted material.

Self-learning regulation of inertial thermic systems

Increasing cost for electric power as well as ecological considerations call for efficient use of existing heating systems and hot water generators if a complete replacement is too costly. With the advent of cheap wireless sensors and actuators as well as energy efficient home servers like the Raspberry Pi, one can expect a cost reduction of up to 15% by investing one or two thousand Euros in intelligent regulation of previously mentioned systems. If weather forecast as well as user preferences and usage patterns are used, user comfort can increase at the same time. The iisys provides knowledge in wireless sensor networks as well as modelling of thermic flows and knowledge based systems and is looking for industrial partners in the heating or energy sector.

Unified Information Access for the Enterprise

The amount of structured data in (relational) databases as well as semi- or unstructured content in documents, email and social media is constantly growing. Traditionally, business intelligence systems (BI) allow simple access to and extensive analysis functionality for structured data, whereas enterprise search tools (ES) are used to access unstructured contents. This separation leads to undiscovered relations between data and contents and in consequence to bad decision quality. Goal of this R&D project is to build a system for unified access to all data and contents of an organization by using open source search technologies like ElasticSearch or Apache Solr. Simple search-based user interfaces will be combined with dashboards known from BI tools. Meta data will be extracted from documents in order to relate them to structured data and reports. The iisys provides knowledge about user interfaces and search-based applications as well as user requirements from a number of past projects and is looking for industrial partners with experience in Elastic Search, Solr, text mining, ETL or open source business intelligence tools.

Digital Production Workstation

In the production departments of many companies and depending on the MES and ERP systems used, information is exchanged on paper between the machine hall and upstream or downstream units. Production orders are printed out and collected by the machine operator. Parameters for toolspecific machine settings as well as testing and inspection instructions are also often on paper. Feedback on the pieces produced as well as on scrap and quality is often given in the same way. Read more

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