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HEIMDALL (funded by BMBF)

HEIMDALL (“Intelligent User Interface”) is a subproject of the joint research project ODIN (“Open Data Innovation”), funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Its goal is to find suitable software components (so-called “Cubbles”) and appropriately associate them for advanced data analytics. This happens in a 2D-space, in which these modules can be placed and connected. HEIMDALL analyses the structures created by a human user and assists by searching for and applying new components. As such, HEIMDALL fosters a creative process which helps users to reach appropriate solutions efficiently.


Asgard is an intelligent system which calculates correlations between units of information via specialised parsers. It offers an interface for applications which assists human users in finding and organising information. Asgard is currently in its developmental phase, and its functionality is the first of its kind in the world.


Mindspace is an application which implements the intelligence of the Asgard system. It offers a 2D space in which a human user can place notes, documents, and sketches and organise them spatially, much like one would on a desk. Like this, information is structured intuitively. Asgard, incorporated into Mindspace, recognizes these structures and provides the user with further, customized information for the subjects it examines.

iisys on Xing

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