Doctoral opportunities at iisys

So far, seven doctors have graduated from iisys, with more to follow (as of July 2023). All of them have completed a degree in computer science; another subject may also be possible.

If you have any questions, please contact the scientific director
Director Prof René Peinl

Our doctoral candidates

Dr. Thomas Schedel- 2016:

Spatio-Temporal Parsing in Spatial Hypermedia
Aalborg University, Ph.D Dissertation

Dr. Alexander Lawall – 2016:

Rechteverwaltung in betrieblichen Anwendungssystemen
Technische Universität Dresden, Dissertation

Dr. Raik Niemann – 2016:

Grüne Datenbanken: Analyse und Optimierung des Energieverbrauches von Datenbanken für sehr große Datenbestände
Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main, Dissertation

Dr. Carsten Kropf – 2016:

Efficient Reorganisation of Hybrid Index Structures Supporting Multimedia Search Criteria
Technische Universität Dresden, Dissertation