Analytical Information Systems


Within the scope of the research activities, it is possible to write theses (Bachelor, Master) in the group "Analytical Information Systems" at any time. Conceptual work without programming is also possible.

If you have any questions about the framework or possible topics, please contact us!

Possible topics for theses

  • Programming of apps (Android and iOS) for our headache projects
  • Programming of components (backend, frontend) for our headache projects
  • Analysis of the data from our headache projects
  • Analysis of Twitter data (Migraine Radar project)
  • Analysis of customer reviews with the help of text mining technologies

... or do you have other ideas? Share them with us, we are open to suggestions!

Completed theses

  • Conception of an extension of the server system for the Migraine Radar project
  • Conception of the server system for the project CLUE (Cluster Headache Project)
  • Clura - Design and programming of an app for the recording of cluster headaches
  • Implementation of an extension of the server system for the projects Migraine Radar and Cluster Headache Radar
  • PolitMiner - Text mining of political articles and posts
  • MigraineRadar - Evaluation of form data for Germany
  • MigraineRadar - Analysis of Twitter data for the USA
  • Opinionliste - Generation of a list of opinionated adjectives for the German language
  • Opinionliste - Generation of a list of opinion-bearing nouns for the German language
  • Product Portal - Application of Feature Based Opinion Mining to Customer Reviews
  • Migraine Radar - A medical study based on Web 2.0 data
  • Design and implementation of a basic architecture for text mining
  • Conceptual considerations on the topic of feature based opinion mining
  • Impact of artificial intelligence to users of web 3.0
  • Structure of a text database
  • Text mining and the current state of sentiment analysis



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