Prof. Dr. Andreas Wagener

Research Group Leader

Andreas Wagener is a political scientist and economist as well as a trained banker. After studying political science, finance and business administration at the University of Freiburg, he received his PhD from the TU Chemnitz in 2000 with a dissertation on the European Central Bank. After working for many years in media management, especially in the establishment and marketing of digital business models, and as a management consultant, he was appointed Professor of Digital Marketing, E-Commerce & Social Media at Hof University of Applied Sciences in 2012.

His work focuses on the digital transformation of the economy and society, especially on the topics of artificial intelligence & data economy, digital platforms, virtual realities (virtual beings/digital humans) as well as in the context of “cyborgs” and trans- and posthumanism.

In addition to questions of digital marketing and management, his research interests also include the social challenges of digitalisation, in particular digital ethics and the integration of digital technologies in political and opinion-forming processes (for example, algorithmic governance, digital extremism, liquid democracy, social effects of the platform economy).

Andreas Wagener runs the blog “nerdwรค” (, which is dedicated to digital change in business and society. He also regularly addresses these topics as a speaker and keynote speaker. He is a member of advisory boards and supervisory boards and also works as an expert, among others for the EU Commission, as well as a management consultant with a focus on the digitalisation of marketing and sales.