Research for practical applications

Together with innovative companies, we want to conduct practical and customer-orientated research into innovative technology.  We offer the following services for companies:

  • Projects in the field of human-machine interfaces and technological innovations

We support the identification of customer benefits and their integration into the development process in order to drive the successful implementation of technological innovations.

  • Third-party funded projects

In co-operation with you, we apply for funding for the implementation of third-party funded research collaborations. Get in touch with us!

  • Consultancy services

If you want to conduct (large-scale) customer surveys or small experiments, we can support you with a suitable study design. Please contact us without obligation.

  • Matching companies and interns/graduates

We have a close relationship with the Master’s in Marketing Management, which means that we can also put our students in touch if they are interested. Please feel free to contact us.