Laboratory equipment

Marketing Research Lab / Usability Lab

Making the unconscious visible

In order to gain a deeper understanding of human behaviour and thus the behaviour of consumers, physiological reactions must be used as an explanation. This is especially true when it comes to unconscious, spontaneous behaviour.

Both large-scale quantitative studies (customer surveys, employee surveys, face-to-face, telephone, online) and qualitative analyses (in-depth interviews, focus group interviews, expert discussions) are carried out. Non-verbal reactions are analyzed by measuring eye movements, skin resistance, brain waves, temperature, facial expressions, vocal tones, etc. using equipment. Relevant software tools such as SPSS, R, SigmaPlot, Sawtooth, SmartPLS etc. are available for data analysis. In all cases, the research objective is to gain insights that contribute to improving the interaction between humans and technology.

Facilities for special research tasks:

Physiological measurements:

Further laboratory equipment:

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  • Capturing and analysing biometric data with iMotion
  • Online survey with Rogator G3Plus
  • Conjoint analysis with Sawtooth
  • Modelling of structural equation models with SmartPLS
  • IBM SPSS Statistics