Innovative Healthcare

The research group ‘innovative healthcare’ (RG IH) investigates the usage of digitalization technologies in the health and social economy as well as in the social world of work. Furthermore, they do research on how the utilization of digitalization technologies leads to new challenges in the preservation of the health of employees. A further research will be conducted on digital learning and teaching concepts as well as their effect on the acquired competences of the learners, especially for the digital world.  

Most recent market research show that next to assistance systems, in particular robotics contain a large potential in the health and social economy. Additional, robotics boost the advantage to relieve employees in the health sector and to turn out improved efforts for customers. Service as well as assistance robots are potential applications here. Moreover, the research group (RG) investigates also new app technologies. Those app technologies are developed in the health sector with digital health and care applications (in german: DiGA and DiPA) on medical prescription and are paid by health or care insurances. Furthermore, due to health applications a lot of data will be generated which were by now unused in the impact analysis and in the improvement of service planning. Methods of artifical intelligence (AI) promise here to reinforce high professional standards of service providers as well as to autonomize service recipients. 

Based on today’s existing e-health focus (particular RG Mr. Prof. Dr. Scheidt) the new research group (RG IH) in collaboration with health experts, informatics and engineers, should evaluate industrial solutions regarding their usability in the health sector. Consequently, they should modify and develop new solutions in particular with the usage of AI. 

Besides the RG IH, there is a new interdisciplinary study program with the same name ‘ Innovative health care’ available at the University of Applied Sciences in Hof taught at the Campus in Kronach. In this study program the scientific findings of RG IH and the already existing expertise at iisys in the realm of health, digitalization and artificial intelligence will be transferred in the teaching and applied in student practice projects. With the RG IH and study program IH the University of Applied Sciences in Hof wants to co-design the usage of new technologies in the social and care economy.