Research Group Leader


Law in Sustainability, Compliance and IT

“Enabling innovative technologies legally.”

The research group “Law in Sustainability, Compliance and IT” works at the interface between law and IT in the Institute for Information Systems at Hof University of Applied Sciences. We see ourselves as “enablers” of projects, work in interdisciplinary technology-open teams and help shape the product development process from the very beginning. In this way, we want to contribute to the further development of the legal framework, especially on legal issues of digitalisation, Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, data protection, privacy by design, compliance and legal fact research through IT methods. The aim is to find solutions that are suitable for application in line with the law and compliance. Law in innovative technology fields is always also risk management. Here, the research group develops application-suitable solutions at the interface between law and IT with the latest findings from current research projects together with the users. We visualise these with business process management tools and research IT integration, e.g. through process mining or in agile structures.


Event: From Data Protection to Data Use – Data Governance for SMEs on 10 November 2021

The legally permissible use of data is far too often only linked to the requirements of data protection, especially the General Data Protection Regulation. Data governance, i.e. the control of the legally compliant use of data, includes data use, data quality and data security in addition to data protection. A bundle of new EU laws is emerging here, which will be decisive for the question of the usability of data in the context of AI applications, among other things. In her lecture, Prof. Dr. Beatrix Weber of the Research Group Law in Sustainability, Compliance and IT of the Institute for Information Systems of the Hof University of Applied Sciences will present the new legislative proposals to enable SMEs to assess their relevance for their business.

Main research topics at a glance:

– Law of information technologies

– Data protection in new technologies

– IT law, liability in AI applications

– Compliance and Ethics & Legal

– Legal Process Modeling