Research Group Leader


Multimedia Information Systems

The research group Multimedia Information Systems deals with the support of structured and unstructured data in information systems as well as the search and linking of such data. The special focus is on the management of relational, textual and geographical data.

Today, modern information systems manage not only classic structured data, but also increasingly unstructured data, such as texts. It is precisely with this approach that information systems enable the management of almost all of an organisation’s information, so that users thus obtain an up-to-date and comprehensive digital picture of a complex situation. The prerequisite for such a comprehensive picture is the analysis of correlations as well as the derivation of accurate forecasts. Today, the corresponding technologies are summarised under terms such as Big Data Analytics and Smart Data. They form the basis for applications of digitalisation in areas such as Industry 4.0, health or mobility.

One focus of the “Multimedia Information Systems” research group is applications in the area of mobility.  Current projects in this area are the BMVI-funded projects “Current Reporting Data – AktMel” and “Shuttle Model Region Upper Franconia – SMO”. With the “HiveTank” project funded by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, the group is working on applications in the eCommerce sector. For these projects, the research group focuses on the integration, management and analysis of large heterogeneous data sets.