AktMel – Current Reporting Data

AktMel aims to make available the technical interface for group enquiries, which has hardly existed up to now, by developing a corresponding online solution. The legally compliant development in the sense of a compliance-by-design approach as well as an explicit release of access to the data for known users are to eliminate uncertainties in the provision of information. In this way, the legal framework conditions are to be clarified for different types of enquiries and the required accuracy as well as their compatibility with the legal framework conditions are to be ensured. A prerequisite for achieving this goal is the interdisciplinary cooperation of data providers, lawyers and computer scientists.

For this project, the common data stock of all Bavarian residents’ registration offices, which has already been realised for Bavaria, is used. The data is supplied by the municipalities on a daily basis. The registration authorities are responsible for the content. The consistency as well as the formal technical correctness is ensured by the AKDB with the help of an import programme. The protection of this data stock against unauthorised access is a central requirement with the highest priority for this project. Accordingly, a security concept is being developed for the overall system consisting of hardware and software that reliably excludes unauthorised access (user administration, firewall, encryption, organisational measures, etc.). For the legally secure processing of the data, suitable procedures for filtering the data with the help of configurable rules including the possibility for the rejection of this data as well as the modification of the results will be developed.


In the project, data from many smaller online retailers will be used and analysed in such a way that similar support exists as for large retailers. The HiveTank project is developing a cloud platform for analysing data from small online retailers. For this purpose, the data of a larger number of merchants is combined in a data lake so that a critical mass is created for this data analysis.  Thus, this data lake enables similar analysis and forecasting capabilities as large providers have.

The project is being implemented by the company Speed4Trade (coordinator) and iisys. The project has a duration of three years.

SMO – Shuttle Model Region Upper Franconia

Local public transport often does not cover the so-called last mile, so that the potential passenger has to cover the distance by other means – for example on foot or by taxi. The existing situation is particularly unsatisfactory for elderly citizens or citizens with disabilities. The use of a conventional bus is usually not profitable for short distances or not possible due to the infrastructure. Examples of such routes, which are also considered in the SMO project, are the connection between the main railway station and the pedestrian zone/city centre (1000 m) in Hof or the route from the market square to the Rosenberg fortress (600 m) in Kronach or a classic circular route (3000 m) in the city of Rehau to connect the company sites of REHAU AG + Co. The use of an autonomously driving shuttle as a feeder for the last mile would represent a solution to the given problem. The overall objective of the project is to test the operation of driverless shuttles as a supplementary and complementary component of public transport in the public road space in the cities of Hof, Rehau and Kronach, to further develop the technical capabilities of the shuttles and to implement new market models for context-related use, as well as to intensively involve the population in the assessment and further development.